Nadim Twal – Brand Designer

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Arabic Calligraphy

I’ve always loved Arabic calligraphy, I had a course in university and since then I kept on going with my own interpretation of it. As a skill, it is very hard to maintain, continuos training and practice is needed along with endless resources of paper.

Recent Project

Maazif is a music critic webstie dedicated for arabic music. With all the waves of change happening in the arab world, a back-to-our-roots mentality is becoming more popular, the younger generations are becoming more proud of their culture and heritage, therefore the identity had to reflect an authentic arabic brand to support the same message.



Other Projects

I’ve also designed a variety of projects that included Arabic calligraphy as a piller to communicate the brand, each of the projects required a different perspective into the calligraphy style, some are hand drawn and some are computer engineered, depending on the required outcome, yet they all reflect and Arabic brand in their own interpretations.


Calligraphy Tools

Other than the skill required, tools to get the job done can vary, each tool produces a different effect and serves a different purpose. There is no limit for the kind of tool to use, the beauty of it is improvisation and experimentation that might result in unexpected outcomes, for instance a flat wooden spoon.

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