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The Story

It was right after my resignation, when I called a friend whom I didn’t contact for a long time. He referred me to a very interesting client with a very exciting project. But there was a catch of course. I had to pitch against one of the best agencies in Jordan, for which I used to work three years before.

I would like to think that my enthusiasm, passion and experience won me the pitch, but it may as well be the few too many pints we had in our first meeting. In any case, my client became my friend, leading to an open and honest dialogue, built on a solid partnership, where we shared ideas and concernes, along with innovative strategies to build up the business and the brand.

The Brand

The brand essence was to put Jordan on the world beer map, therefore, high quality natural ingredients were critical, furthermore, the flavoring of the ale itself had to infuse local flavors that represent the country.

The market has been monopolized by one brand only for the past 60 years. Therefore, we came up with the idea of including a lounge in the brewery to host ale and beer enthusiast, introducing beer tasting and how to home brew your own beer,  and as a result cultivate the beer culture in Jordan, while also building brand loyalty and brand advocates as a result.

The Design

The name was derived from the word Caracal which is a rare wild cat found in the valleys of Jordan, Carakale as a result came to be the legendary winged Caracal associated with ale that the brewery produces and a tribute to the country of Jordan. The design is based on geometrical shapes with a custom-designed typeface that overlaps between the elegance of a serif font and a modern typeface.

The target audience is based on mentality rather than age, people who appreciate high quality and hand crafted ales rather than the mainstream beers that flood the market, therefore the design incorporated the classic look of beer with modern and original elements to compliment its style.


Featured in the Smashing Logo Design Book and the up coming Logopond book.

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