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What Is a Brand Designer?


 I came across many discussions about the definition of a brand designer, and what constitutes the process of designing a brand, rather than designing a visual identity. Simply put, I think a brand designer should influence the brief and help redefine the brand.

This is my interpretation of what a brand designer is, and what are the steps of the brand design process. These steps can act as a guide, and raise questions that can redefine the outcome. But it is not always the case, depending on the flexibility of the client and the willingness to participate. In other words, collaboration is key for the success of this exercise.

The process is inspired from the Design Council’s double diamond design process model, starting with discovery, definition, development and finally delivery.


Brand Museum Strategy For Non Museums


Museums are places that provide cultural experiences for many people, of course depending on the type of museums they might attend. But those institutions have always been a strategic tool to build a city or a country tourism brand. By the same token, brands are building their own museums to cultivate their own cultural experiences and develop stronger brand equity.


Call me crazy, but can a corporate brand become a country?

It might sound like a far fetched idea, or somehow impossible or even of no value whatsoever, but lets explore this theory further more for the sake of argument.

The idea came to me while I was discussing the future of brands in one of the classes during my masters course. The discussion was about what services or products brands will offer in the future, how would they communicate with their customers and what business models might be applied. But in many cases the single minded objective of corporate brands is to raise revenues and increase profit margins, which led me to this theory. Yet this argument is not to decide wether it is a good or evil practice.