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L*unchBox Innovation Workshop

L*unchbox is an innovation workshop developed by Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and Brunel University. The universities assembled instruments and methods used in academia, industry and businesses like co-ideation and co-design, to create an original and effective process that goes step-by- step from idea generation to project deployment in five days. The workshop brings synergistic interactions across different cultures and backgrounds, by combining multi- disciplinary professionals, to introduce creativity and innovative thinking.

The identity reflects the innovative ambience of the workshop, an adaptation of possibilities to launch ideas, which is presented in the logo as the ascending asterisk replacing the “a” letter. There are so far five variations of the logo, using different methods to launch the asterisk.

To bring the brand to life, some of the launching icons were proppsed, a stress release rocket that can be used in brainstorming sessions, and as a giveaway, and a trampoline for participants to enjoy during the workshop. Those items engage the participants with the brand and  remind them of the innovative thinking required in the workshop

Furthermore, to leverage on the co-ideation and co-creation methods, participants are handed a paper with a plain logo and asked to draw their own launching idea, the results are then shared on the facebook page where they can vote for the ones they like most. The interaction with the logo helped participants to put on their creative thinking hats, and was a good exercise in preparation for the intense five day innovation workshop. Some of the results were quite interesting and unexpected.


The Story

It was right after my resignation, when I called a friend whom I didn’t contact for a long time. He referred me to a very interesting client with a very exciting project. But there was a catch of course. I had to pitch against one of the best agencies in Jordan, for which I used to work three years before.

I would like to think that my enthusiasm, passion and experience won me the pitch, but it may as well be the few too many pints we had in our first meeting. In any case, my client became my friend, leading to an open and honest dialogue, built on a solid partnership, where we shared ideas and concernes, along with innovative strategies to build up the business and the brand.

The Brand

The brand essence was to put Jordan on the world beer map, therefore, high quality natural ingredients were critical, furthermore, the flavoring of the ale itself had to infuse local flavors that represent the country.

The market has been monopolized by one brand only for the past 60 years. Therefore, we came up with the idea of including a lounge in the brewery to host ale and beer enthusiast, introducing beer tasting and how to home brew your own beer,  and as a result cultivate the beer culture in Jordan, while also building brand loyalty and brand advocates as a result.

The Design

The name was derived from the word Caracal which is a rare wild cat found in the valleys of Jordan, Carakale as a result came to be the legendary winged Caracal associated with ale that the brewery produces and a tribute to the country of Jordan. The design is based on geometrical shapes with a custom-designed typeface that overlaps between the elegance of a serif font and a modern typeface.

The target audience is based on mentality rather than age, people who appreciate high quality and hand crafted ales rather than the mainstream beers that flood the market, therefore the design incorporated the classic look of beer with modern and original elements to compliment its style.


Featured in the Smashing Logo Design Book and the up coming Logopond book.

Hadayana Store

The Design

Hadayana is a well known retail brand for children and mums clothing established in 1968. The original logo had the chick in it, along with a broken egg shell, a river and grass. The rebranding focused on the chick and dropped the rest.

The new icon presented a friendly and colorful chick, combined with warm colors, and an elegant rounded typeface.






Koon Furniture

Koon is a Korean furniture design company, the premise of the brand is to deliver fun and functional furniture. The designs cater to young professionals and couples that prefer modern and smart design, while also catering to kids.

The challenge of the brand is the lack of interaction with customers. Without a showroom or any vans to move the furniture, the brand is showcased within a third party showroom, along side other brands. Although a business to business model is more feasible, yet under these circumstances, building brand recognition and loyalty is more challenging.

The brand positioning for Koon is reflected in the tagline (or slogan). This acts as a description for the brand essence, answering the question “What is Koon about?”. It has to be clear and should not require further explanations.

Funiture is an ownable concept, a very flexible brand element that facilitates the development of the brand. It is also a concise explanations of what Koon is about: furniture and fun.

FUN is not about looks only, it is a behaviour. Therefore, the brand needs to come to life, to engage customers and exceed expectations. The brand should behave smartly and in a fun way rather than just saying it.

Efficient solution to maximize the brand: taking advantage of every possible interaction with the customers, to build a memorable and unified brand in terms of image, product and especially behaviour. This helps deliver the brand essence and helps customers make a connection between the physical object and the brand behind it.

Taking the fun idea beyond the physical appearance of the products and develop it into a behaviour that communicates with the customers in a surprising and unexpected manner.

As an example, the idea of loosing coins in the side of the couch can be turned into an advantage by adding a pocket specially for that, with a message hidden under the pillow highlighting this feature. Such implementations take the brand viral, and create a word of mouth.

An animated logo also brings the fun element to the brand, it can be used on the website, digital frames, presentations and any other medium. it can be turned into puzzle games that kits can interact with.

The logo can be turned into furniture pieces placed in the showrooms, in that case customers can interact with the brand, and as a result be more memorable.

Those interactions are hidden, so that customers might find them months after the purchase, in that case, the interaction renews their interest and excitement about the brand, creating something to talk about and share with friends.


The Brand

Boodai Equities is a Kuwaiti-based group of diverse companies engaged in construction, heavy equipment, building materials, engineering and equipment, transport and shipping, logistical services, energy, travel, consumer durables, trading and distribution. The identity is designed to reflect a diverse brand with a modern and advanced look and feel. The name was re-drawn using bold and thick letters and by creating space between these letters, the space is used to illustrate the diversity by changing images and patterns that relate to what the company offers. On the signage system and online the logo would have animated videos running through the name creating a more memorable and interactive identity.

Jolly Monk

The Brand

Jolly Monk wine targets 21 year olds and above and presents them with the challenge to shift the behavior from drinking other alcoholic drinks and migrate to drinking wine as their first choice of beverage. This challenge resulted in an off-beat design for a wine bottle with a catchy message. The logo was hand crafted and accompanied with vibrant colours that contrast with the black bottle to stand out easily on the shelves from being a regular vintage wine. The Jolly Monk represents a free and easy going soul with positive vibes that would attract the younger audience in a contemporary yet elegant manner.



The Brand

Dynamix is an event organizing agency specialized in outdoor activities and adventures targeting the adventurous and the young at heart accompanied with companies looking for team building activities for their employees. The icon was inspired from the well known online usage of “XD” as an expression for extreme delight and happiness, yet using a brushed effect to reflect the type of the activities the company offers.

The identity was based on the usage of inspiring quotes from around the world to leverage on the importance of such services and activities in everyone’s life, associated with the vibrant visuals and the grungy effect, the identity reflects the utmost adrenaline rush the company provides.



The Brand

The objective of the identity for Sa Scene Salon is to reflect an exclusive and luxurious brand, limited for a few and desired by many, fitting in within the luxurious brands in its category such as Prada, Bvlgari and Gucci to name a few yet stands out in the market. The Identity is inspired from the luxurious surroundings in its category using a serif font that reflects style and elegance, a font that is curvy yet sharp, and the colours are inspired from Lavender which is used in many beauty products and reflecting a feminine look and feel. The design of the identity was simplistic and timeless, creating a brand that doesn’t follow a trend yet memorable as a class A+ brand. A variety of items were designed, including a magazine with the latest fashion trends and hair styles to complement the customers’ experience.


The Brand

The original identity was a graphically manipulated image of the historical site of the Citadel located in the heart of Amman and overlooking the downtown area, reflecting culture, history and tradition, yet the old identity did not appeal to the new demographics the bank was set to attract. The banks position shifted towards an exclusive banking experience for the corporate sector rather than attracting the masses, therefore the new identity was inspired from the ancient Citadel, yet replacing it with a simple, sharp and modern icon that replicates the Corinthian Column that is found in most of the major historical sites in Jordan accompanied with the usage of the black and gold colour. The new identity was created to leverage on the wisdom and experience of the past and the knowledge and innovation of the future.


Makamen TV


Makamen Television Station is a Satellite Channel based in Qatar. Specialized in the petroleum industry in the region and around the world, targeting business people and investors with updates and reports about the industry. The name is Arabic yet easily pronounced and memorized in English, which means the oil traps underground where the oil is collected.

The identity reflects a serious cutting edge brand, with a modern and dynamic look and feel using a drop with a flame symbolizing the petrol, animated in 3D to reflect an ongoing industry. The neutral usage of colour attracts the attention to the content rather than the image.