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Logo Design

Illustrated Logos

Some of the projects I came across required an illustrated identity to truly reflect what they stand for, I tend to sketch at first then redraw or trace them.

Labiba Films

Labiba is a very old lady with many stories, the logo presents a cloud over her head rooting from her mouth, while forming her hair. The logo acts as a theatrical display of Labiba while she tells her stories.

The Adorables

Inspired from the incredibles movie. A cupcake is situated on top of the logo, illustrated with a strong low angle perspective, to reflect a heroic position. The logo is complimented with a circle that holds the content of the logo together.

Winter Ice Cream

These illustrations were designed for Carvel ice cream. Opening in winter, the idea was to highlight the fact that even then, the ice cream is too good to miss.

Rumman Hotel

Located in Madaba, the word Rumman means pomegranate. It is illustrated as the tree of life in the mosaics of Madaba.



Kitchenette is a small sized catering business, where home-cooked food is delivered. The logo reflects a simplistic solution aiming at being readable, while having the ability to adopt to any new business expansions.

Law of Attraction


A conference held to promote positive thinking and how it can help achieve objectives. The logo presents the star grabber to which dreams are not that far.




Triad is a real estate and development company, the word defines a group of three and in this case represent a family, combined they are the pillars of every home.


Almanara Insurance


Almanara which means the lighthouse is an insurance company that differentiates itself from competitors by being transparent with its customers, shedding light on every detail and bringing it to the forefront.


Baracuda Beach


Baracuda Beach located in Aqaba and targeting young audience who is looking for fun and parties. The logo is based on a simplistic yet modern and dynamic illustration of the Barracuda fish reflecting the style of the beach in terms of music and ambience.




Dreamtree is a UNISCO Centre for kids in Africa for Dancing, Reading, Expression, Arts and Music. Giving them the hope and the education to express themselves, the concept is planting the seeds of hope and harvesting the fruits of success.


JNC cables

The Jordan National Cables company’s first aim was to become an international provider for cables, the request was translated by creating a logo that fits the international standards reflecting a globe wrapped with cables, while the colours  reflect energy.



SmartBuy is the largest electronics megastore in Jordan, the identity reflects a modern store using vibrant colours and minimalist illustrations. The light bulb reflects both an idea and electronics.

Safe Campaign


Safe is a awareness campaign aiming to educate teenagers about safe sex. The logo incorporates a heart shape within the ‘S’ and the ‘A’ letters, leveraging on the message of love.

Mariam Hotel


Mariam hotel is a family owned and operated hotel in Madaba, the brand reflect a luxurious experience for hotel guests. Using the olive leaves as a crowning which are grown in the area.




Fadfid is an online Arabic social network, for political debates. The word means speak up and share the opinion. The character illustrates an angry person in a aggressive position.


Paper and Pen Films


The brand for Paper and Pen Films Paper and Pen Films is the first and only film production company that produced a full length Jordanian movie, winning an award in the Sundance film festival for the best foreign movie.


Jordan Hotel Guide


The brand and identity for Jordan Hotel Guide The logo was created to represent the online hotel guide service that the web site provides. Adapting the logo for other countries is also possible by changing the wording rather than changing the icon.