Nadim Twal – Brand Designer

Design – Branding – Strategy

Illustrated Logos

Some of the projects I came across required an illustrated identity to truly reflect what they stand for, I tend to sketch at first then redraw or trace them.

Labiba Films

Labiba is a very old lady with many stories, the logo presents a cloud over her head rooting from her mouth, while forming her hair. The logo acts as a theatrical display of Labiba while she tells her stories.

The Adorables

Inspired from the incredibles movie. A cupcake is situated on top of the logo, illustrated with a strong low angle perspective, to reflect a heroic position. The logo is complimented with a circle that holds the content of the logo together.

Winter Ice Cream

These illustrations were designed for Carvel ice cream. Opening in winter, the idea was to highlight the fact that even then, the ice cream is too good to miss.

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