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Koon Furniture

Koon is a Korean furniture design company, the premise of the brand is to deliver fun and functional furniture. The designs cater to young professionals and couples that prefer modern and smart design, while also catering to kids.

The challenge of the brand is the lack of interaction with customers. Without a showroom or any vans to move the furniture, the brand is showcased within a third party showroom, along side other brands. Although a business to business model is more feasible, yet under these circumstances, building brand recognition and loyalty is more challenging.

The brand positioning for Koon is reflected in the tagline (or slogan). This acts as a description for the brand essence, answering the question “What is Koon about?”. It has to be clear and should not require further explanations.

Funiture is an ownable concept, a very flexible brand element that facilitates the development of the brand. It is also a concise explanations of what Koon is about: furniture and fun.

FUN is not about looks only, it is a behaviour. Therefore, the brand needs to come to life, to engage customers and exceed expectations. The brand should behave smartly and in a fun way rather than just saying it.

Efficient solution to maximize the brand: taking advantage of every possible interaction with the customers, to build a memorable and unified brand in terms of image, product and especially behaviour. This helps deliver the brand essence and helps customers make a connection between the physical object and the brand behind it.

Taking the fun idea beyond the physical appearance of the products and develop it into a behaviour that communicates with the customers in a surprising and unexpected manner.

As an example, the idea of loosing coins in the side of the couch can be turned into an advantage by adding a pocket specially for that, with a message hidden under the pillow highlighting this feature. Such implementations take the brand viral, and create a word of mouth.

An animated logo also brings the fun element to the brand, it can be used on the website, digital frames, presentations and any other medium. it can be turned into puzzle games that kits can interact with.

The logo can be turned into furniture pieces placed in the showrooms, in that case customers can interact with the brand, and as a result be more memorable.

Those interactions are hidden, so that customers might find them months after the purchase, in that case, the interaction renews their interest and excitement about the brand, creating something to talk about and share with friends.

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