Nadim Twal – Brand Designer

Design – Branding – Strategy

L*unchBox Innovation Workshop

L*unchbox is an innovation workshop developed by Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and Brunel University. The universities assembled instruments and methods used in academia, industry and businesses like co-ideation and co-design, to create an original and effective process that goes step-by- step from idea generation to project deployment in five days. The workshop brings synergistic interactions across different cultures and backgrounds, by combining multi- disciplinary professionals, to introduce creativity and innovative thinking.

The identity reflects the innovative ambience of the workshop, an adaptation of possibilities to launch ideas, which is presented in the logo as the ascending asterisk replacing the “a” letter. There are so far five variations of the logo, using different methods to launch the asterisk.

To bring the brand to life, some of the launching icons were proppsed, a stress release rocket that can be used in brainstorming sessions, and as a giveaway, and a trampoline for participants to enjoy during the workshop. Those items engage the participants with the brand and  remind them of the innovative thinking required in the workshop

Furthermore, to leverage on the co-ideation and co-creation methods, participants are handed a paper with a plain logo and asked to draw their own launching idea, the results are then shared on the facebook page where they can vote for the ones they like most. The interaction with the logo helped participants to put on their creative thinking hats, and was a good exercise in preparation for the intense five day innovation workshop. Some of the results were quite interesting and unexpected.

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