Nadim Twal – Brand Designer

Design – Branding – Strategy


The Brand

The objective of the identity for Sa Scene Salon is to reflect an exclusive and luxurious brand, limited for a few and desired by many, fitting in within the luxurious brands in its category such as Prada, Bvlgari and Gucci to name a few yet stands out in the market. The Identity is inspired from the luxurious surroundings in its category using a serif font that reflects style and elegance, a font that is curvy yet sharp, and the colours are inspired from Lavender which is used in many beauty products and reflecting a feminine look and feel. The design of the identity was simplistic and timeless, creating a brand that doesn’t follow a trend yet memorable as a class A+ brand. A variety of items were designed, including a magazine with the latest fashion trends and hair styles to complement the customers’ experience.

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